Terry Johnson - The Funny Plumber


Terry Johnson "The Funny Plumber"

Today, Terry, The Funny Plumber, Johnson is "The Funniest Plumber in America and that's no crap!" says Showbiz Central Network.  Terry has "Extreme toilet humor and then some.." per REEVES JOURNAL editor Scott Marshtz.
  Born some sixty years ago in upstate New York, Terry says: "Every morning when I wake up I have a choice of being happy or unhappy.  I choose to be happy."  He has done this even thru good and bad times by joking about things like his job as a plumber, building the conversion franchise, DIAL ONE, his employees, his weight, three wife's, his use of drugs and yes, even his family and Mother.
  Terry started in "Show Biz" as a professional clown on the road with his wife and four children in 1973. He has performed at over two hundred school auditorium shows and county fairs in seven states.  Terry was The New York State Fair Clown performing to over a half a million people.  Some people say he's still a clown!
  Terry has studied making funny with Jeff Jena, Bill Word and the famous circus clown, Buster Oden.  He spent an intensive year studying film making with Nicholas Ray, the director of "Rebel without a Cause", "Giant" and "East of Eden".
  Today, Terry prefers adult audiences and loves to do stand-up comedy, twelve step humor as well as corporate image building.  He teaches the large, local, familiar, warm, fuzzy stuff that consumers want from companies and what companies need to do to have the consumer buy from them, again and again.
  Terry not only performs for but produces benefit shows and fund raisers for clubs and organizations.  He currently produces a weekly show "Comedy in Recovery" at 9:00 PM, every Friday at The Thrift Store, 2230 Colchester, Anaheim, California 92804.  His show is known in the comedy industry as the "Best workout room in Southern California" and that's no crap. [More plumber talk!]
  Terry and his 82 year old Mother, Jean Chinea, do a wonderful, warm and very funny "Mother and Son" act with more than 143 years between them and are performing regularly.  See Performing Schedule.  Mom is thinking of changing the name from "Funny Plumber and Mom" to "Funny Mom and the Plumber"

Terry, The Funny Plumber, Johnson can be reached at:
Out House Productions
18627 Brookhurst Street, #107
Fountain Valley, California 92708
Toll Free Telephone 1-TOO-FUNNYPLumber [1-866-386-6975]



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